Frequently Asked Questions

To the right is a list of questions about’s service. If you have further questions, please use our contact page to connect with us.


What is the service? will update your address with the USPS through our online service. No filling out forms by hand, no waiting in line or traveling to the post office. You can update your address for up to 90 days after you file your information. Plus, we will add your new address to anti-junk mail and do-not-call lists.

What is the fee?

This is a free service.

Why do it online?

Convenience. While you can go to the post office and do everything yourself, that’s a lot of hassle. Plus, the USPS charges a small fee for address changes anyway. With our service, you can get it all done in under two minutes and you’ll also get registered into the do-not-call list and anti-junk mail services.

Is my information secure?

Our form uses SSL to secure your personal and financial information. Look to your browser’s SSL confirmation feature to prove it. See our privacy policy for more information.